• Blaze

    Ch Alcazars Blazing Arrow of Meadowdale JW

    Blaze is a Liver & White dog

    He is a 'full' Champion

    Winning  5 CC's and 8 RCC's

    Reserve Best In Show at GSOW

    Sire of 2 UK Champions

  • Buddy

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Budweiser JW

    Buddy is a Liver Tri dog

    Winning 3 CC's and 1 RCC

    'Top Puppy' In breed

    Sire of a UK Champion

  • Fay

    Sh Ch Calvdale Testimony of Meadowdale JW

    Fay is a Liver & White bitch

    Winning 4 CC's and 1 RCC

    RBIS at Club Champ Shows

    JW gained in 4 shows!

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Our Champions

  • Harvey

    Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale JW ShCM

    Harvey is a Liver & White dog

    Winning 3 CC's and 7 RCC's


    Irish Show Champion

  • Flora

    Ir Sh Ch Meadowdale Aurora JW

    Flora is a Liver & White bitch

    Winning 7 Green Stars

    'Best Puppy' at Champ Shows

    Gained her Junior Warrant

  • Arthur

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM

    Arthur is a Liver & White boy

    Winning 5 CC's and 6 RCC's

    2nd in group at general Champ Shows

    Best in show at club shows

  • Chaos

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM

    Chaos is a Liver & White dog

    Winning 13 CC's and 15 RCC's

    'Best of Breed' At CRUFTS

    Sire of 3 UK Champions

  • Rye

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Riot

    Rye is a Liver & White dog

    Winning 4 CC's and 2 RCC's

    Winning many BOB's

    Owned by Sue Large

  • Casper

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Cassapple Manhattan JW

    Casper is a Black Tri boy

    Winning 3 CC's and 2 RCC's

    Gained his Junior Warrant

    1st Black tri champion in 20 years

  • Banjo

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Banjo JW ShCM

    Banjo is a Liver Tri dog

    Winning 7 CC's and 2 RCC's

    'Best Puppy' at CRUFTS

    Group placing at Champ Show

  • Storm

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Storm Trooper

    Storm is a Black & White boy

    Winning 7 CC's and 3 RCC's

    RBIS at Club Champ Shows

    Top winning B&W in 2019

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