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From Finland


I have had the great honour to have been asked to judge far and wide

It is a true delight to judge the breed you have a passion for all over the world, seeing new and exciting dogs, meet equally passionate breeders and owners

Not only have I had the pleasure of judging my own breed, but also many of the other gundogs at top level. (see below)

I have also judged a fair few of the Terriers and Hounds at Open show level, including the groups


To Australia



Gundog breeds that I have already awarded CC's in are:

English Springer Spaniels
welsh Springer Spaniels

Spanish Water Dogs

German Shorthaired Pointers

German Wirehaired Pointers


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

American Cocker Spaniels


Cocker Spaniels

Flatcoated Retrievers

Irish Red & White Setters

Breeds I have been passed to award CC's:

Curly Coated Retrievers

Bracco Italiano


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Hungarian Vizsla

Sussex Spaniels

Clumber Spaniels

Field Spaniels

Irish Setters

Irish Terriers

Norfolk Terriers

Bedlington Terriers

Cesky Terriers

A3 lists:

Large Munsterlander

Terriers and Hounds

I am fortunate to have been put on a fair number of 'B' lists within these groups, and have judged at Open Shows, breed club shows and Championship shows without CC's on offer.

I have also judged a few breeds in the other groups



A few of the breeds judged below:

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