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News 2023

LKA Champ Show

Our last show of 2023 - LKA

Taking Bolt & Twix up north to Stafford

Twix won his junior class

Then Bolt was in Open Dog, a well filled class with a quality entry

Delighted when he won the class

Later going onto win the DCC and 'Best of Breed'

This win ensured his overall win for ........ Top ESS in the UK for 2023

Now having won 19 CC, and the breed record holder for a BWT ESS

Friday 10th November, I journey up to Glasgow where Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show is held. The show was on the Saturday

Taking with me just Bolt

Bolt was in the Open dog class, a lovely class with many super dogs. Again delighted when he won, and then in the challenge won the DCC & BOS

Long drive home, but a happy one!

Gundog Breeds of Scotland Champ Show

Midland ESS Champ Show

Saturday 28th October, on a damp and drizzly morning, I head off 'up north' with Bolt and Twix to the 'Midland ESS Champ Show'

Twix won the Junior Dog class

Bolt was in Open, with some lovely dogs, and I was delighted to win the class, and later to take the DCC

Finally winning RBIS, BOS and Best Black & White in show

Our judge today was a breed specialist, Mrs Nicola Dobbin (Donarden)

Bolt winning DCC
Midland English Springer Spaniel Championship Show 2023 - Final line up

Darlington Champ Show

2023 09 15 - BCC & DCC Darlington23.jpg

Friday 15th September, I trek up to Ripon racecourse where Darlington Championship Show is held. 

Taking with me Bolt and Twix

Twix was first up, and it was his very first time in the junior class, delighted when he won it

Bolt was in the Open dog class, a lovely class with many super dogs. Again delighted when he won, and then in the challenge won the DCC & BOS

Birmingham Champ Show

Sunday 30th August 2023 was the turn of Birmingham Championship Show

Had a lovely day with Twix as he won a nice Puppy Dog Class, then beat the bitch to win 'Best Puppy In Breed'

Welsh Kennel Club

2023 08 20 - BPIB WKC.jpg

Sunday 20th August 2023, I made the long journey to Builth Wells in Wales to show at 'Welsh Kennel Club' Championship Show

Our judge for the day was Mr Ray Smith (Melverly)

Taking with me Bolt and Twix

Twix won the Puppy Dog Class and later challenged the bitch for Best Puppy - Which he won to go 'Best Puppy In Breed'

Bolt was a lovely 2nd in the Open dog class

Later in the gundog puppy group, Twix was shortlisted down to the last few

A very sad day for us here at Meadowdale

banjo winning cc.jpg

Devasting day for us, Thursday 17th August 2023, we had to say goodbye to my beloved 'Banjo' - Sh Ch & Ir Ch Meadowdale Banjo JW ShCM

Such a beautiful boy inside and out

My shadow and loving companion

He did us so proud, becoming a UK Champion and an Irish Champion

Leaving us his legacy, his son ;Bolt' - Sh Ch Meadowdale Daisydale Lightning Bolt' and his grandson 'Twix' - Meadowdale Twix

Bournemouth Championship Show

Very wet & windy journey down to Bournemouth, not really 14th August type weather!

Taking Bolt & Twix, it was a blue day with both boys getting a 2nd place in their classes.

Bolt was called back into the ring to challenge for the RDCC - which he won

Bolt now has 15 CC's and 5 RCC's

2023 08 06 - Bolt winning DCC at National Gundog.jpg

Sunday 6th August 2023, I head off to National Gundog Championship Show with Bolt and for the first time showing Twix (Bolt's son)

Super day for both boys

Twix was first up and he won the Puppy Dog Class

Bolt then won the Open Dog Class, and was later awarded the DCC

Twix was awarded Best Puppy Dog

Our judge today was spaniel specialist Mr Graham Tain

National Gundog Championship Show

2023 08 06 - National Gundog -  Best puppy Dog.jpg
2023 08 06 - final line up at NGA 2023.png

Southern ESS Champ Show

WOW, What a day

Saturday 15th July 2023, I head off to the Southern ESS Championship Show

The weather threw everything at us, heavy rain, wind, lightning and thunder, sun and anything else you can think of!

Our judge for the day was Mrs Edith Rose, a breed specialist from Scotland

Bolt was in the Open dog class, delighted when he won this lovely class, and then the DCC

He then had to challenge the bitch winner, for BIS, and I was thrilled when he did take 'BEST IN SHOW'

A really lovely day, not only winning

Best In Show

He wins Best Black & White in Show

The club provided some super rosettes and sashes, and the judge gave a gift of Scottish Gin, what more can a girl want!!!

Blackpool Champ Show

WOW, what a fabulous day at Blackpool Championship Show on Saturday 24th June 2023

Taking Bolt on the long drive north to a very hot Blackpool

Our breed judge today was breed specialist Mrs Teresa Dunsdon

Delighted to have won the Open Dog Class, then in the Challenge winning the DCC. Later winning 'Best of Breed'

The long hot wait for the gundog Group, which was judged by Mr Brian Limpus. 

How fabulous when Bot was awarded Group 2, from an amazingly large and quality group of gundogs

ESS of Wales

Friday 26th May 2023

The long drive down to Bath to show at the 'ESS of Wales' Champ Show

Our judge today was Mrs Trudy Topliss (Beresford) a breed specialist

Delighted when Bolt won the Champions Class and then went onto win

the RDCC

A lovely sunny day and much ice cream consumed!!!



Sunday 30th April 2023, finds me driving to Malvern to compete at WELKS Championship Show with Bolt

Our judge today was Mrs Bev Nicholson (Kingsheath) a breed specialist

Delighted when Bolt won the Open Dog class, then went onto win the DCC

and finally taking 'Best of Breed'

On to the Gundog Group, please when Bolt was shortlisted in a super group

We also think that this win makes Bolt the TOP WINNING BWT in the UK ever!


L&C ESS Champ Show

Saturday 21st January 2023, our first championship show of the year.

A breed club show, with Mrs Yvonne Billows (Robil) judging

Bolt won the champions class, then went onto win the DCC

Absolutely thrilled to then be declared 'Best In Show'

A super show, and lovely dogs

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