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Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale JW ShCM



Harvey is our liver & white boy. His dad is our Liver Tri dog Show Champion Meadowdale Budweiser Jw Sh CM, and his mother is a Liver & White bitch from very good show lines.

Click on any of the photos below to enlarge, to see him mature and change

His full pedigree is at the bottom of this page

And what a stunning start to his show career he had:

* 1st Minior Puppy Dog - Southern ESS Society Championship Show - 23.2.08
* Best Puppy Dog - Scottish ESS Club Championship Show - 22.3.08
* Best Puppy in Show - ESS Club Championship Show - 12.4.08
* Best Puppy in Breed - WELKS CHampionship Show - 26.4.08
* Best Puppy in Breed - SKC Championship Show - 18.5.09
* Best Puppy in Show - Northern ESS Society Championship Show - 8.6.08
* Best Puppy in Breed - Blackpool Championship Show - 21.6.09
* Best Puppy Dog - South Wales Championship Show - 5.7.09

* A delightful day at Peterborough & District Open Show, Harvey wins the last point required to attain his 'Junior Warrant, at 11 months old. A great day as he not only wins his class, but 'Best of Breed' and 'Best Puppy'. Goes onto win the 'Gundog Group' and the 'Puppy Gundog Group' and finally, winning - Best Puppy In Show - lovely day

* On 25th August 2008, Harvey Flora and I went to The Suffolk Kennel Open Show. Harvey at only 13 months old won 'Best of Breed' and went onto win the 'Gundog Group'

* On Sunday 16th November 2008, Harvey won 'Best of Breed' and 'Reserve Best In Show' at Mid Herts Gundog show

* January 2009 at SWECA Open Show, Harvey wins BOB, Gundog Group 1 and 'Best In Show'

** On 26th April 2009 Harvey and Fay go to WELKS Championship Show, Harvey wins Yearling and then the RCC, and Fay wins Open and wins the RCC - super day

** The year keeps getting better, on 15th May 2009, the long journey up to Scotland, Harvey wins the Limit class and goes onto win CC & BOB, and to top it all gets shortlisted in the Gundog Group!

** On the 21st June 2009, Harvey, Ginny (his daughter) and I go to Newmarket for a 2 day Open show - Harvey wins 'Reserve Best In Show' and Ginny wins Gundog Puppy Group 3

** On the 8th August 2009, I head off to Bournemouth Championship Show with Harvey and Ginny. Havey wins a strong Limit Class and goes onto win the 'RCC'. Ginny (Harvey's daughter) is 2nd in Puppy and 1st in Novice, but also Wins the 'Proplan Pup of the Year' a wonderful day

** On the 13th September 2009, Harvey wins his 2nd 'CC' under Gundog specialist Mrs patsy Hollings (Gunalt)

** On the 26th September 2009, Harvey wins his 3rd RCC under Gundog specialist Mrs Kathy Gorman (Walgoreg)

** On the 8th October 2009, Harvey wins his 4th RCC under Breed Specialist Mrs Sue Aston (Tasa)

** On the 14th March 2010, Harvey wins his 5th RCC at CRUFTS, under breed specialist Dr Graham Rogers

** On the 23rd April 2010, Harvey wins his 6th RCC at WELKS, under Dr R James

** On the 8th May 2010, Harvey wins his 7th RCC at Birmingham, under gundog specialist Mr Frank Kane

** On the 13th October 2010, Hravey wins his 3rd CC at Gundog Society of Wales, under Gundog specialist Gordon Haran

** Harvey now has 13'Green Stars' (Irelands equivalent of our CC's), along with 10 BOB, and GP1, GP2 & GP3 placings!


Photo Gallery for Harvey

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Health test results

Hip Score - 3 - 3 = 6

DNA Fuco - Clear

DNA PFK - Clear

DNA PRA Cord 1 - Clear

Pedigree for Harvey

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