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Ir Sh Ch Meadowdale Aurora



Flora is our Liver & White bitch

Flora is an outgoing and happy bitch who loves to carry objects round everywhere with her!

* Flora attended her first show on the 23rd February 2008,The Southern ESS Championship Show, under breed specialise 'Yvonne Billows', we were delighted when she won 1st place in 'Minor Puppy Bitch' - she has therefore qualified for Crufts 2009 at her very first show - well done Flora

* Flora wins 'Best Puppy Bitch' at SKC on 18th May 2008, to be beaten by Harvey to 'Best Puppy in Breed'

* At Southern Counties Championship Show Flora delights us by winning 'Best Puppy in Breed' on 30th May 2008

* At Blackpool Championship Show, Flora wins 'Best Puppy Bitch' beaten to 'Best Puppy' by Harvey on 21st June 2008

* At Mid Herts Gundog Open Show, on the 16th November 2008, Flora wins the last 2 points she needed to gain her 'Junior Warrant', also winning RBOB, and 3rd in the RBOB stakes class

* Flora has gained 6 'Green Stars' in Ireland in 2010. She needs 7 Green Stars to become an Irish Show Champion.

* Flora wins her 7th Green Star on 25th October 2010, making her an IRISH SHOW CHAMPION

Photo Gallery for Flora

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Health test results

Hip Score - 6 - 3 = 9

DNA Fuco - Clear

DNA PRA Cord 1 - Clear

Pedigree for Flora

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