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 Sh Ch Meadowdale Daisydale Lightning Bolt


Bolt is the 'Breed Record holder' for a BWT in the UK

Winner of 19 CC's , 9 BOB's & 6 RCC's - Group 2 at Blackpool

What a FAB day

15th July 2023, was the Southern ESS Championship Show

Our judge for the day was Mrs Edith Rose, a breed specialist

Bolt won the Open Dog class, going onto win the DCC, in very good company

Then challenging he bitch for Best In Show - thrilled when he won it!!!

Also declared best Black & White in Show as well as BIS

Bolt wins his 14th CC and Best In Show

Sunday 6th August 2023, I take Bolt & Twix (his son) to National Gundog Championship Show

Delighted when Bolt won the Open dog class, then went onto win the DCC

His son Twix won the Puppy Dog Class and was declared 'Best Puppy Dog'

Bolt wins his 16th CC at Darlington

Bolt wins his 15th CC at National Gundog

Friday 15th September 2023, I head to Darlington Champ Show, with Bolt & Twix

Twix wins the Junior class, his first time in Junior

Bolt wins the Open dog class, and goes onto win the DCC & BOS

Bolt wins his 17th CC at Midland ESS Club

Bolt has a fabulous day at 'The Midland English Springer Spaniel Club' Championship Show on Saturday 28th October 2023

Our judge for the day was breed specialist - Mrs Nicola Dobbin (Donarden)

Bolt wins a lovely Open dog class, and goes onto win DCC - then RBIS, BOS and Best Black & White in show

Twix also won his Junior dog class

Bolt wins his 18th CC at GBOS

Bolt has a fabulous day at 'Gundog Breeds of Scotland' Championship Show on Saturday 11th October 2023

Our judge for the day - Mrs Carole Wood, a spaniel specialist

Bolt wins a lovely Open dog class, and goes onto win DCC & BOS

Bolt wins his 19th CC at LKA

A fabulous last show of 2023 - 10th December 2023

LKA - Ladies Kennel Association

Bolt delighted me by winning his 19th CC along with 'Best of Breed'

Our judge for the day was a spaniel specialist - Mrs Linda Thorogood

This win ensured that Bolt ended the year - TOP ESS in the UK

Bolt wins the RDCC at L&C ESS 

First show of 2024 - L&C ESS Championship Show

Our judge Gundog all rounder - Mr C MacKay (woodglade)

Bolt won the champions class and went onto win the RDCC and also 

Best Black & White in Show

Great start to the year

Champion dog winner.jpg

Bolt wins his 13th DCC, BOB and Group 2 at Blackpool

Wow, what a day at Blackpool on 24th June 2023 - and very hot!

Bolt wins his 13th CC and BOB under breed specialist Teresa Dunsdon (Seaspring)

Then goes onto win Gundog Group 2 under Brian Limpus

Bolt wins the RDCC at ESS of Wales

26th May 2023, delighted when Bolt wins the RDCC at the ESS Club of Wales Championship Show

Our judge - Mrs Trudy Topliss (Beresford)

Bolt wins his 12th CC & BOB at WELKS

Bolt wins his 11th CC & BIS at L&C ESS Club Show

Bolt is now the Uk's TOP winning BWT

WELKS Champ Show on 30th April 2023

Our judge Mrs Bev Nicholson (Kingsheath)

Winning the Open Dog Class

Awarded Bolt DCC and BOB

Delighted to be shortlisted in the super gundog group

What a way to start 2023

Lancs & Cheshire Club Championship Show 

on 21st January 2023

Judge - Mrs Yvonne Billows (Robil) 

A truly wonderful day for Bolt and me

First up he wins the Champions Class,

then in the challenge he wins the DCC

Later when challenging the Bitch CC winner,

he is declared 


Winning beautiful rosettes and sashes as it was the clubs 40th anniversary show

2023 01 21 - bolt at L&C sitting.jpg

Bolt wins his 10th CC at LKA

FAB end to 2022, showing Bolt at LKA (Ladies Kennel Association) on 11th December 2022

Bolt wins the Open Dog class, then takes the DCC

Many thanks to breed specialist Mrs Jackie Weyman

Bringing Bolts tally to 10 CC's, so proud of our Black Tri boy

Bolt wins his 9th CC at
Gundog breeds of Scotland

A fabulous trip to Scotland for a double show

Friday we had Gundog Breeds of Scotland our judge Mr Chris Laverty, and he awards Bolt his ninth CC

Saturday it was Scottish Kennel Club show, our judge Mrs Dianne Stewart-Richie, she awarded Bolt the RDCC

So a super weekend winning well at both shows

2022 08 14 - Bolt at Bournemouth.jpg

Bolt wins his 8th CC at Bournemouth

Well he does it again

Bolt wins the DCC at Bournemouth Champ Show on Sunday 14th August 2022

This time we have an overseas judge - Mr E Engh

It was rather hot, the ground was hard and grass no existant!

Bolt performed well, so proud of him winning his 8th CC

Bolt wins his 7th CC at Northern ESS

Another FAB day, this time at the Northern English Springer Spaniel Club Championship Show

Our judge was breed specialist Mrs Caroline Bowles-Robinson (Baldragon)

Bolt wins the Champion Class, then goes onto win DCC and BOS, along with Best B&W in Show

2022 07 30 - bolt at NESSS - DCC.jpg
2022 07 24 - Bolt at leeds 2022.jpg

Bolt wins CC at Leeds, no 6

Following on from winning at Windsor a week ago, Bolt has a fabulous day at Leeds Championship Show, where he again wins the CC & BOB

Not the nicest days for weather, rather wet and windy, so not the best photos!

Today our judge was Mr R Morris, a gundog specialist

Bolt wins his 4th CC at LKA

The last show of 2021 is LKA held at the NEC on 11th December 2021

Showing Bolt and Storm, but a tad difficult as they are both now in the Open Class

Thank you to Lavinia for handling Storm for me, and gaining a 3rd place

But the super star of the day is BOLT, winning the CC & BOB

A huge thank you to our judge Mrs Jane Cule

2021 12 11 - Bolt at LKA bob.jpg
2022 07 03 - Bolt BOB at Windsor.jpg

Bolt wins his 5th CC at Windsor

Not shown for a while, lovely to be back out and about this time at Windsor, beautiful setting right in front of Windsor Castle

Today our judge was Mrs Di Arrowsmith, a gundog specialist

Delighted when Bolt won the Open Class, and goes onto win the DCC and then 
Best of Breed

Our first show in 16 months was at Southern Counties Championship Show on 27th June 2021

Breed judge - Mrs Kelly Jenkinson - Eastriding

Showing Bolt & Storm

Bolt was the star of the day, winning the DCC and then taking 'Best of Breed' (Video is of the BOB challenge)

Also being shortlisted in the group under Mr Frank Kane

Below, photo of Bolt DCC

Best Puppy (middle) is a son of Bolt - Beresford Bolt from the blue

Best Junior (far right) is a daughter of Bolt - Peasblossom Zoya

Bolt wins RDCC at National Gundog

A lovely day at National Gundog on 1st August 2021, Bolt wins the RDCC

A weekend in Scotland and we bring home a Show Champion
2021 10 04 - skc bolt.jpg
2021 10 04 - skc bolt sitting.jpg

Sunday 3rd October 2021 at FAB day

Scottish Kennel Club under judge Mr K S Wilberg, Bolt wins his 2nd CC

Monday 4th October 2021 at Border Union Champ Show, under breed specialist Ms Sandy Hall, Bolt wins his 3rd and Crowning CC

OMG - He is now a Show Champion

Bolt at sc3.jpg
2021 06 27 - at southern counties - blue winning BPIB.jpg
ana at southern counties.jpg

Our Black/White & Tan boy 'Bolt' has delighted us by having a super puppy showing career, if cut short by Covid 19! Only attending 4 shows

Winning Best Puppy Dog at his first Championship Show - LKA (Dec 2019)

Winning Best Puppy Dog' at Manchester Champ Show (Jan 2020)

One better at the Southern ESS Championship Show, where he won - 'Best Puppy In Show' (Feb 2020)

And his final show before lockdown - CRUFTS (March 2020), again winning 'Best Puppy In Breed' - See video of Bolt in action at Crufts 2020


Available at stud, fresh, frozen and chilled semen (proven sire)

Photo Gallery for Bolt

use the arrows to navigate,and click to enlarge

Health test results

Hip Score - 3 - 4 = 7

DNA Fuco - Clear

DNA PFK - Clear

DNA PRA Cord 1 - Carrier

DNA AMS - Clear

DNA DAMS - Clear

Eye tested Clear as at 19/1/2024

Glaucoma - 1

DNA Profiled

Pedigree for Bolt

Below is a photographic pedigree.  You will find photos of the dogs in the above pedigree (hover your mouse over the large photo for pedigree names)

It has been done in columns, so starting with the parents, then grandparents etc....

More to follow.....

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