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If you are thinking of buying a puppy as a new member of the family, please ensure that you have chosen the right breed to suit your circumstances and needs. There are many different breeds to choose from.

This is a long term commitment, so you need to do your homework: talk to breeders and owners of the breed you are interested in, find out their good points and bad!

Do you have the time to dedicate to a puppy, and later on an active adult dog

Once you have chosen the breed for you - check out the breeders, would you feel comfortable asking questions at any time of the dogs life, have they been brought up in surrounding you would expect.

Please read this article and do not fall into the pitfall of

buying from a puppy farm - Click Here

Also read this checklist from 'The Kennel Club'

Our young dog 'Bolt'

is hopefully the sire of a litter,

that would be due in 7 weeks time.

The litter is not ours, but based up in the North East area

If you would be interested in a 'Show type' English springer from this litter,

just let me know.


A litter is planned from Sofia

end of 2020/beginning of 2021

We do occasionally have an older puppy or young adult

 looking for a special loving home.

 If you feel this is what you are after rather than a tiny puppy, please ask.