Gundog Of wales Champ Show

On Wednesday, 17th October 2012, i had a long and wet drive to Malvern, to Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show.

Taking Chaos and Banjo, due to the amount they have won, unfortunately both boys are now in 'Limit'

Delighted when Banjo won, the Limit class (the biggest of the day) and Chaos was 4th, Delight when Banjo was considered for the RCC

(Thank you Vicky for handling Chaos for me at the last mo!)

Barking Canine Society

Saturday 29th September 2012, a lovely show held at 5 lakes, which is only 10 mins away from where I live - wonderful!!!!

Super big rings, shame we were indoors on a sunny day.

Banjo was in the breed Open class, which he won, going onto win 'Best Of Breed'. Delighted when he won 3rd in the gundog group.

This win gave him the last point needed for his 'Show Certificate of Merit'

Chaos not to be outdone was in AV Gundog Open, which he won and was declared 'Best AV Gundog'


Ireland - Dublin, National and International Show

MUST be bonkers!
Drive home from Driffield, meet up with Mark, then drive over to Hollyhead to get the overnight ferry to Dublin.
Saturday was the International show, Chaos won Intermediate class, Banjo won Open & Green Star and CACIB
Sunday, again Chaos wins the intermediate class and Banjo wins the Green Star

Driffield Champ Show

Friday 21st September 2012, by complete contrast to the last show, it was dire, wet cold and windy! We had to show in the wet weather tents.
DIdn't stay long!
Banjo was first up in Yearling which he won, and Chaos was in Post Graduate where he won a 3rd place
Had to rush off home as was travelling to Ireland with friend Mark (and his pointer) that evening!

Richmond Champ Show

9th September, on a very warm day heading down to Richmond, a lovely outdoor show.
Our judge for the day was breed specialist Bev Nicholson
Banjo was first up and he was in Yearling, winning a 2nd place
Chaos was in a large class in Post Graduate, delighted when he won

ESS Club of the Netherlands

What a wonderful few days I have had in Holland.

Travelling with Lesley McCourt, we flew out from Stanstead airport early Saturday 1st September 2012, arriving in Holland at 9am. We were met by a wonderful lady called Lynn.

Lynn very kindly showed us the sights of Amsterdam.

Sunday was the day of the show.

2012v- holland BIS & RBIS

Above, photo of:

Best in Show (bitch right)- Champion Peasblossom Caress JW08 NJK09 W09-11

Reserve Best In Show (Dog Left) - Champion Ned Lux Int Champion Whisborne Viking Voyager NJK W CW08 BSSgr BW09 W11

2012 - holland BD & RBD
2012 - holland BB & RBB

Photo above, Best Dog and Reserve Best Dog

Best Dog - Champion Wishborne Viking Voyager
Reserve Best Dog - Wanganui Von Der Beyenburg (son of best dog!)

Photo of Best Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch

Best Bitch - Champion Peasblossom Caress
Reserve Best Bitch - Lucetta v h Veense Springerje (daughter of best Bitch)