News August & September 2014

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Belfast Championship Show

On Friday 26th September, I have the long journey to the Belfast Show.

Taking with me Casper and Banjo

First the drive to Liverpool on a Friday, hmmmm not a good idea, got stuck in traffic for 2 hours!

Finally arriving at the port in Liverpool, then the long crossing to Belfast. To be honest it was much better than I thought it would be.

The weather was being kind and stayed dry all weekend.

Casper was in his first 'Limit' class, unfortunately the only one in it! So he won

Banjo was in the Open Class, delighted when he won the class and later going onto win the DCC

It was great to then be able to relax, have a chat with everyone, and watch the groups before the ferry home

Birmingham Championship Show

This year has been superb for the boys. Today, Sunday 31st August 2014 we were at Stoneleigh for the Birmingham Championship Show

Taking with me Casper and Chaos, it turned out to be a warm and sunny day, but we were showing in the cattle sheds!

Casper was in the Post Graduate class, and was delighted to win the class. Chaos was in Open, and he was 2nd behind Arthur.

Back in the challenge with Casper, and OMG he was pulled out of the line up along with Frans dog, so we knew someone was going to be very happy as both dogs were sitting on 2 CC's!!!! To my delight, Casper was awarded the CC, making him now a SHOW CHAMPION

Later on, back in the ring again to challange Frances (Mompesson) for Best of Breed. Thrilled be given this award. A special day for Frances and myself as both dogs were made up on the day.

Next stop was the group, huge in number and quality. Casper was shortlisted down to the last few dogs, so really pleased with that.

Our judge for the day was Mrs Pat Guy (Fenaybrook) a breed specialist - A HUGE thank you for thinking so much of our boy

2014 08 31 - 2 birmingham winning CC
2014 08 31 - birmingham winning class
2014 08 31 - 3 birmingham winning BOB

Bournemouth Championship Show


Monday 11th August 2014, I head off to Bournemouth with Casper, Chaos and Kaitlyn.

Casper (Meadowdale Cassapple Manhattan JW) was first up in the 'Post Graduate' class, the biggest dog class of the day. Despite the rain shower in the middle of judging, SO pleased when he won the class

Chaos (Sh Ch Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM) was in the Open class, and again thrilled to win, some super dogs in the class.

Back in the challenge with Casper and Chaos, (thank you again to Lesley McCourt for her help handling). OMG - Casper won the DCC and Chaos won the RDCC!!!!! How fab is that.

Kaitlyn also was 2nd in the junior class and won the graduate class, which meant she gained the last points for her 'Junior Warrant

Finally back in the challenge against the bitch, Over the moon when Casper was declared 'Best of Breed'

The long wait for the Gundog Group. But delighted when he showed his socks off and was short listed in a super group

A huge thank you to our judge Mrs Angela Mitchell (Heulyn) a breed specialist for thinking so highly of our dogs


National Gundog

WOW - what a day Sunday 3rd August turned out to be.

Up at a silly time of the morning to get to Malvern for a 9am start of judging. Today taking with me, Casper, Chaos, Banjo and Kaitlyn

First up was Casper in Post Graduate, the bigest class of the day, so thrilled when he won the class

Banjo was in Open, and won a respectable 4th place, Chaos was in GC and really pleased when he won the class.

So back in the challenge with both Casper and his dad Chaos. OMG - Casper won the DCC - THRILLED is an understatement
Kaitlyn was in Junior and was 2nd, which I was pleased with.

What a FAB day, thank you to our judge, breed specialist Mrs Kay Woodward (Wadeson)